Review 2015: Film Experiences: Another Call For Entries.

It occurs to me that not everyone who reads my scrawls uses Twitter where I've been plugging this twice a day, so I thought I'd best post it again just in case. Current total runs to one contribution plus a couple of promises so there's still all the play for.

Film For this year's annual review on this blog, let's collect our experiences of seeing films.

As you know, each week I've been posting about my favourite film of a given year, though only now and then do I actually offer anything close to a review.

But instead of simply posting reviews, usually I've talked about the experience of seeing the film for the first time, or what the film means to me in ways which sometimes have nothing to do with the film.

I thought I'd extend an invitation for others, for you, to do the same and publish the results during December.

What I'd like, if you have the time, is for you to choose a film, a favourite though it doesn't need to be and write about how you saw it, what happened and what it meant to you.

Could have been at the cinema, on television, video, dvd, blu-ray, streaming, whatever.

IMPORTANT:  This isn't about just reviewing films, although obviously you might end up reviewing the film depending on what you're writing about.

You could write about the people you saw it with, where you saw it, an incident which happened during the screening.

Or it could be that the film sparked some else off, or its existence triggers memory or there's some element of the film you particularly enjoy like the soundtrack or a particular actor and you could write about that instead.

Or it could be that you had to battle somehow to see a film.  Could be that you even decide to write about the reason you didn't see a film.  For some reason.

IMPORTANT:  It needn't be about something which happened this year.  Although it could be, if there's something you'd especially like to talk about.

Oh and don't worry if I've already written about the film.

Length:  As little as a paragraph.  As long as it needs to be, so you can write and write and write.  There isn't a word limit.  If someone else thinks it's tl;dr that's their problem.

I'll illustrate each piece with still from the film.  If you'd like to suggest something, that's excellent.

As ever this is just a guest blogging thing for fun, but if you have a project or some other thing you'd like be to plug, then let me know and I'll add it in at the bottom along with your Twitter details or personal website or what have you.


Send your entries to with a subject line "Review 2015".

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