Christmas Links #2

Nottingham baffled over Hollywood horror film cameo:
"Nottingham is at the centre of a festive mystery after the city made a bizarre cameo appearance in the trailer for a Hollywood film. Krampus, in which a boy accidentally summons a Christmas demon, appears to have no connection with the East Midlands. The fleeting shot prompted bafflement on Facebook, with one person even demanding producers "pay royalties"."

Christmas biscuits tested by teenagers:
"Euphoria breaks out as the panel tuck in to a stack of the more chocolatey numbers in this box (“This is bare nice, you know”). No mean feat given that their pre-tasting summary was “Dunno about German biscuits, but I know some German footballers. So I’m not expecting this to taste nice.” Unfortunately, that all ends when one of them notices an inscription of “Ich Mag Dich” whose final letter looks quite like a “k”. “URGH! It’s a dick biscuit!” they squeal. “Get it away from me!”"

Forecaster: our experimental object-based weather forecast:
"By recognising the device used to request the experience, a number of decisions can be made to tailor the media served back to the client. For example, a TV that is incapable of executing code or low-powered mobile device that can only play a basic video stream is recognised as such, and is served a simple, traditional liner stream. At the same time, a device that is requesting the experience through a modern web browser can be served the full-fat reactive experience with all the enhanced client-side features."

Signed, sealed and delivered: posties test Christmas cake:
"This cake’s Christmassy good looks were worth writing home about, festooned as it was with nuts, cherries and marzipan stars, but it dropped a mark for being “a tad too dry”. “Might have gone better with a bit of custard or single cream,” suggested Sanjeev Ramdehal. Because what you need at Christmas is more calories."

The Marshall Islands Are Disappearing:
"The debate over loss and damage has been intense because the final language of the Paris accord could require developed countries, first and foremost the United States, to give billions of dollars to vulnerable countries like the Marshall Islands. Senior Republicans in Congress are already preparing for a fight, they say on behalf of the American taxpayer."

Enchanting snow art creates Christmas scenes in Berkshire windows:
"Delicate scenes of Christmas in snow and ice have been appearing in shop windows across the area. The man behind the Snow Windows is Tom Baker, 36, from Sandhurst."

Real Or Fake: Which Christmas Tree Is More Eco-Friendly?
"If opting for a fresh Christmas tree over a fake one is a no-brainer in your mind, you're at odds with a majority of the public: Approximately 60 percent of Americans set up fake trees for the holidays, according to polls by ABC News and The Washington Post. But—popularity aside—which is the healthier, more eco-friendly choice?"

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