Don't Go Changing To Try And Please Me.

Film Wow, seriously, don't watch that trailer. It ruins all the good jokes and surprises and is nothing like the actual tone of the film.

Good evening. Quite unexpectedly my favourite film of 2005, Don Roos's Happy Endings, has turned up on Netflix in the UK.

You can go watch it here or add it to your relevant list.

As I mentioned back when I wrote an open letter to him, it features one of Steve Coogan's best drama performances and also great turns from Lisa Kudrow, Bobby Cannavale and Maggie Gyllenhaal who partly steals the thing through the medium of song.

Its killer app is how it delivers exposition, which is in the form of captions which appear on the screen rather like Pop-Up Video or Network 7, but timed to amusing perfection, undercutting the given action and providing a different perspective on the scene.

Of course it's also now doomed to be the potentially disappointing offering to people searching for the sitcom, the Will Ferrell film or the most rubbish Karen Gillan vehicle Not Another Happy Ending which is also on Netflix and should be ignored with extreme prejudice.

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