The Forgotten: Revelation
(IDW Comic Issue #5).

Comics Published in 2008, this was the first rough draft of the Doctor's adventures during the Time War, before "The Moment" and definitely before the War Doctor when it was still assumed Eighth was the one who eventually destroyed Gallifrey. Again. Seven pages of the Doctor waiting in a prison cell for days with Chantir the Malmooth (the same race as Chantho from Utopia) until he can break out and use the Key of Rassilon to help end the war, it's pretty action packed with gun play and good hijinks. He's mostly in character with some business about rock, paper and scissors. The Forgotten was a six issue story arc in which a Tenth Doctor story worked as framing device for an anthology series featuring his earlier incarnations. Since IDW (like Pelican in 2013 when preparing their anniversary offering) were presumably unable to refer to Big Finish or anything else, this is what writer Tony Lee decided was the best option. I remember it being quite a big deal at the time, although now you do spend much of its duration trying to work out how it might still fit into what's been narratively established since.  "This key will help lock the Medusa Cascade forever if we need to" he says which doesn't sound incarnation sensitive.  About the only fly in the ointment is after the flashback, Tenth intimates that he spent most of the incarnation alone as though the Time War happened pretty quickly after the TV movie, which I remember seemed very mean even in the late noughties.  Lee didn't need to deny the existence of the audios, books and comics really, just not refer to them.

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