Romola on Isabella.

Theatre BBC Radio 4's Front Row is running a series of interviews with various actors and experts about their favourite Shakespeare characters and Romola Garai has chosen Isabella from my favourite play, Measure for Measure, which she recently played on stage.

As she identifies, the character's situation is often misrepresented. Angelo is suggesting he effectively be allowed rape Isabella (even if the word is never used) and although the Duke then proposes a method for this not to happen, for the production to then end on the two of them leaving as couple as often happens when the director has decided this is the comedy it isn't, is to deeply misunderstand the action which has preceding it. There's a reason why Shakespeare ends the the play on the Duke's proposal but not Isabella's answer.

Other actors featured include David Tennant and Catherine Tate, which means I can add a Doctor Who tag to this post too.

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