The Art of Jessica Jones.

TV The Art of the Title has an interview with the creative team behind the Jessica Jones title sequence:
"I am based in Manhattan and my windows look out to a very classic New York-style building, so I was naturally inspired by all the changing activity and vignettes within those rows of windows — the patterns of light, colour, narratives, and graphic silhouettes. It is pretty amazing how much you can see and the number of windows out there with wide open shades. Though I’ve never witnessed half of the activities Jessica sees, I could understand our innate fascination with the rear window and that discomforting pleasure when catching a small sliver of a private act. So when I was brought into the Imaginary Forces LA studio for the project, I used all that as my personal inspiration to create my paintings."
In the post-television binge watching world, the best way to know if a title sequence works is if you sit and watch it through episode after episode.  Jessica Jones has one of those.

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