My Favourite Film of 1951.

Film As a test, I decided to enter the most famous phrase from The Day The Earth Stood Still, "Klaatu barada nikto", into an anagram server. This found no single word or two word results. For three words:

Databank Tailor Auk
Databank Ritual Oak
Tanbark Koala Audit
Data Karakul Obtain

At least two of which could be viable English translations.

An Auk is a "medium-sized seabirds with long, barrel-shaped bodies, short tails, very small wings and short legs set far back on the body" [from the RSPB] and the Little Auk has featured on Radio 4's Tweet of the Day.

Tanbark is the bark of certain species of tree. It is traditionally used for tanning hides.

A Karakul is a breed of sheep.

Requesting four words leads to 866 options the last of which is Aura Boat Kinda Talk.  Which given the content of the film is erie.

Requesting five words predicts 14,581 options.  Here is the first thousand, ending with A Labia Dank Ark Tout.

Probably best to leave this here.

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