Shakespeare's First Folio: A Checklist.

Shakespeare With the welcome news that Stonyhurst College's First Folio is going on display in Blackburn with Robert Edward Hart's 2nd, 3rd and 4th Folios, I've decided to begin keeping a list of the various copies of the editions which I've seen. Of course, the greater adventure would be an attempt to see all of them, but since visiting the Folger Library isn't on the cards yet (assuming they'd let me see them all), it'll still be fun to see how many I can take a gander at.

Anyway, here's the list. I'll keep this updated with new additions. I'll put location and date when I saw them in brackets afterwards.

The Ashburnham
(Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, June 2009)

University of Manchester
(John Rylands Library, April 2016)

Stonyhurst College
(Blackburn Museum, June 2016)

British Library Grenville
(British Library, 22nd August 2016)

British Library Mordaunt Cracherode
(British Library, 22nd August 2016)

British Library Theobold/Johnson
(British Library, 22nd August 2016)

V&A John Jones
(V&A, 10th October 2016)

University of Leeds
(Brotherton Library, Parkinson Building, 1st November 2016)

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