The Great British Baking Show.

TV In an example of how global the BBC is now (now?), The Great British Bake Off has reached the US. Renamed The Great British Baking Show (for some reason), it runs on PBS and the AV Club has an explainer which is fascinating for what it focuses on which is essentially how it differs to similar US shows:
"The Great British Baking Show presents—without hesitation or apology—an ordered and rational world. The challenges change week to week, but viewers and contestants alike can count on the fundamentals. There will be bakers in a tent, a series of themed bakes, and at the end of the weekend, a bittersweet group hug to wish the eliminated baker a fond farewell. The ovens will work as promised, each baker will have the supplies they need, and should something go horribly awry, hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins are there for moral support, helping the unlucky baker get back on their feet. Rather than being thrown into random or unpredictable situations, the contestants are set up for success, with tools and ingredients they can rely on, letting them relax into their work and focus on the task at hand."
Sadly someone decides to give away the ending the comments but I wonder if this is a show which somewhat still works even knowing who will ultimately be victorious.

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