More on coping.

Life Early last year, I asked How Do You Cope? in relation to the amount of creative stuff there is to consume in the modern world and where to start. In the main, I'm coping better, trying not to feel "guilty" for ignoring all the stuff I'm not interested by in favour of the usual. Quitting is part of that. Deciding that if you're not enjoying something like a television series or a book or a film, that it's ok to stop.

Daisy Buchanan in The Guardian:
"We live in a world that tells quitters they will be punished; that life should be hard and there are rewards for hanging on in there. This idea forms the basis of half the motivational quotes on Instagram, and I think it’s poisonous. I’ve wasted so much time thinking “winners don’t quit, and quitters don’t win” that I’ve put up with a range of frustrating and miserable situations, assuming that I needed to fix myself and not the external problem. However, quitting has only brought me joy, and helped me to discover other people and experiences that I really care about."
All of which said, it's still important to challenge yourself, try new things, step out of your comfort zone because that's probably how you developed the interests you have now.  It's just about knowing when to back out.

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