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Books Sometimes a book vital to your research won't be in your university library and so you'll have to resort to an interlibrary loan. Most universities charge for the service and so before you go through the process of requesting items, it's always good to know if they're even available in this country.

Welcome to COPAC.

COPAC is a unified catalogue or database of everything available in UK and Irish academic, national and specialist libraries.

So you can search for the title of the book you're looking for and find out if another library has a copy.

For example, COPAC tells me that Lance Parkin's Doctor Who novel The Dying Days is available at the British Library, National Library of Scotland, Oxford University and Trinity College Dublin.

Safe in that knowledge you can go through the rigmarole of an interlibrary loan.

But there's also the added bonus of seeing if another university in your area has a copy so you can simply visit them in person and usually they'll allow some form of access to see the item, saving time and money.

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