Review 2016:
Review 2016:
Call For Entries.

About The clocks have gone back in the UK, Christmas is close at hand, so it's time, as every year to look towards what's going to be happening on the blog this December.

For the most, when putting out a digital begging bowl and ask if people would like to contribute guest blog post for the end of the year, I make a point of choosing a topic which has nothing to do with that year.

The reviews of the year on this blog have tended to be nothing of the sort.

Not this year. This is different. This year is 2016.

2016 has been so strange, so unlike every other year on record, with so many different things, sometimes positive, mostly negative, so much stuff, that it feels like just the right time to finally make the annual review on this blog, an annual review.

So the pitch this year is - I'd like to you write about something which happened in 2016.

Could be anything, big or small. Massive world event or something which happened in your own life. Could be a review of a book, some music, a film, something you've enjoyed. A holiday. A celebration.

As long as you like. A couple of paragraphs to something much longer and involved. No word limits.

Email them to with "Review 2016" in the subject. Email me first if you like or just surprise me.

As soon as possible but the deadline is really the end of the year.

I'll be happy to plug something in return at the bottom, your blog, Twitter feed, what have you.


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