Oh Edward.

Life Just been confronted with some bad news whilst looking through The Guardian's archive. The man who I reported to whilst working on the Public Monuments & Sculpture Association project, one of my key mentors, one time Fine Art curator at the Walker Art Gallery, Edward Morris, died in September. He was seventy-five.

People who've read this blog for some time will know him at the author of the book Public Art Collections in North West England, which I used as guide for all of those trips to regional art galleries which I wrote about here. Quite often I'd refer to him and quote him in those reviews, as though he was on those visits with me, which he always was in textual form.

His obituary is inevitably filled with details I never knew including that the awe inspiring sculpture gallery in the Walker, was curated by him and part of his legacy.  That display was one of the reasons I became interested in art at school and ultimately led to me applying for voluntary work at the gallery.

Of all the people I've met over the years, I can't imagine who I'd be if hadn't known him.

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