Christmas Links #12

London pub labelled 'Britain's most festive' on social media:
"A pub's Christmas display has proved a hit on social media with some dubbing it "Britain's most festive pub"."

This Woman Clapped Back To An Anti-Gay Neighbor Using Christmas Lights:
"Jingle all the gay."

At Christmas Cottage, Silver Bells and Sugar Plums Are Available Year Round:
"Even Manhattan’s hard edges soften at holiday time. Twinkle lights outglow fluorescents; sturdy woolen pompom hats replace flimsy knit beanies; marshmallow-speckled hot chocolate competes with black coffee. Christmas Cottage in Midtown Manhattan preserves the cozy parts of the coldest season year-round. The shop, a perpetual Christmas fever dream, has welcomed customers every spring, summer, fall and winter since the late 1990s."

Brooklyn’s Christmas Magic Maker: Lou Nasti and His Wonderful World:
"In East Flatbush, Lou Nasti has been engineering mechanical puppets for decades, adding to the magic of Christmas in Dyker Heights—and around the world."

12 spectacular photos of Christmas in Glasgow from the 1960s to the present day:
"Consider us your ghost of Christmas Past as we take a look back at the city's festive lights from the 1960s up to the present day."

Getting a drone for Christmas? The UN releases its 10 tips on operating it safely:
"The UN has issued some safety advice if you get a drone for Christmas. It says users should learn how to operate it first before flying one."

Doctor Who: I Believe In Father Christmas (Greg Lake version)
"A little seasonal montage I assembled using the seasonal specials from eleven years of the resurrected Doctor Who."

Adopting a broken Christmas tree and calling it “Lucky”:
"Rescuing a broken tree in the back of the shop was just one of those Christmas traditions “you do with kids”, says Lucy Dunn. But, after the events of 2016, it’s become so much more than that."

Take Comfort with Cherry Chocolate Cookies:
"I have been making riffs and renditions of this cookie for as long as I can remember. I think it started a few Christmases ago when I was searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I know that’s subjective, seeing as we all have a different criteria as to what makes the perfect cookie, but for me it’s two things: a soft interior and a crispy edge. I like the contrast. Oh and I like a thickish, buttery cookie."

Students forgo Christmas gifts to help fire victims:
"Fourth-grade students at Johnson Elementary School in Limestone County are passing up Christmas gifts to donate supplies to victims of the Great Smoky Mountains wildfires."

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