"a wormhole in my bank account"

Audio Big Finish have announced that they're opening up a wormhole in my bank account.  There's more Eighth Doctor material to come as the Short Trips series takes a sideways glance at the Time War:
"With the universe fracturing around him in the crossfire of the Time War, the Eighth Doctor has turned his back on his people, choosing to help those suffering from their actions. But what happens when events of the Time War touch upon those he's known and cared for? Two new Doctor Who Short Trips in 2017 explore what it means for former companions when Time War influences reach their lives..."
Sarah Sutton reads a Nyssa story set during the war and Carole Ann Ford reads an Eddie Robson written what could be a re-encounter for Susan and the Eighth Doctor.  Just when I think I've got this under control.

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