The Man Who Wasn't There.

Audio Utterly superb. One of those Short Trips whose scope belays its duration, this epic yet intimate story just goes to demonstrate how there was much more to be said about the Eighth Doctor and Charley in the early days and that they more than deserve to have some more stories recorded by a full cast set in that era, and like the Mary Shelley trilogy as part of the monthly release schedule.  The TARDIS travels back in time so that the companion can meet one of her heroes, a Victorian explorer and author of a famous diary, only to find he isn't there (as per the title). A tale about self-fulfilling prophesies, there's a moment in the middle which is simply jaw dropping in how it embraces that era presenting a conversation which was always implicit but never enunciated, until now, Ian Atkins perfectly evoking the atmosphere of that period. His expository prose is often spectacular too, capturing the fundamentals of a character and their environment in just a few words. India Fisher is now entirely in the groove of reading these talking books, with the younger Charley resurrected and dimensional. Placement: Between the 1st and 2nd season I suppose.

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