"Elvis and JT are the rare exceptions"

Utopian thinking: how to build a truly feminist society:
"Sometimes over the past few decades it’s seemed as if we’re slowly, inch by inch, getting closer to a gender-equal utopia. And sometimes, as for instance with the election of a “pussy-grabbing” women’s-hotness-rating misogynist as “the leader of the free world”, it does feel as if we’re getting further away from living in a feminist paradise. The worldwide women’s marches against Trump were a way of saying how much of a step back his inauguration feels."

From Justin to terrible: 21 unfortunate cinematic pop-star vehicles:
"If you are a successful pop star, conquering the movies appears to be the next logical step. After all, it worked (kind of) for Elvis. And Justin Timberlake! But it turns out that Elvis and JT are the rare exceptions. Most times, when movies are crafted around a particular pop star who’s new to film, the results are nothing less than disastrous. For proof, take a look at the list below. It’s full of Razzie nominations and desecrated cinematic dreams. Fortunately, most of these pop stars have a pile of gold records to fall back on for solace against an unappreciative movie world."

Post from the past: Looking back at letters to the Radio Times:
"Delving into old copies of the Radio Times we come across the feedback of BBC audiences past. Numerous letters have been published by the magazine through the years. These have appeared under various headings – including What the Other Listener Thinks, Points from the Post, and with the advent of TV, Viewers’ Views."

Philip Morris - Missing Episodes Hunter:
"Toby Hadoke talks to Missing Episodes expert Philip Morris in this FREE festive download from Fantom Films."

18 Wikipedia Pages That’ll Make You Say "Fuck, That’s Interesting":

"Wikipedia: serving up creepy mysteries, scary science experiments gone wrong, and downright weird shit since 2001."

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