Love Actually is Partially Redeemed.

Film Find above the US version of the Love Actually Sequel as hosted by NBC. Yes, the US version. Spoilers ahead:

(1) New celebrities edited into the closing montage from the US edition of Red Nose Day including Jack Black.

(2) Rowan Atkinson's angel now works for Walgreens, the second largest chemist in the US and owners of Boots UK. Except he's doing exactly the same routine as in the UK version in front of the same child. So the counter set was a green screen with the relevant shop comped in, his lapel badge has been replaced and the young shopper has been dubbed.

(3) New scene. Sarah as played by Laura Linney, one of the biggest omissions from before is back here in a scene tucked in between the end of Atkinson and the start of Liam Neeson. Sarah finally receives a happy ending, if you assume it's a good thing that she's still in what appears to be the same job all these years later but married to Patrick Dempsey. Dempsey actually gets more screen time than she does, and the whole thing is mainly told from his POV, but we do also discover she has at least one child and a pet.

According to Harper's Bizarre this stuff was shot after the UK broadcast, Linney finding a gap in her schedule during a Broadway run.  But for the fact that the two actors clearly aren't talking to one another, the conversation doesn't quite match, it's still a charming little scene and I'd be a horrible person if I wasn't pleased that Sarah finally looks properly happy.  We don't know what's happened to her brother, unless it's his shoes which are the problem but they look rather small if that's what Dempsey's putting in his pocket.  I'll stop now.

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