The New Whittaker.

TV This is one of those slightly obligatory Doctor Who related posts in which you all will have seen the above trailer/announcement but it feels like I should post it anyway so that it's a fixed point in time when looking back through the blog in the future. Plus, I can start the relevant label/keyword for these posts.  Expect my instareaction tomorrow night depending on how long the tennis match runs on for and whether I have to cook the dinner.

Just so this isn't a complete lost cause, here's some added content.  Earlier, Clayton Hickman solicited responses on how we each found out about each new incarnation of Doctor Who.  Here's my list, correcting a few things I got wrong when I tweeted him back:

1:  Wasn't born yet
2:  Wasn't born yet
3:  Wasn't born yet
4:  Wasn't old enough to be watching yet
5:  The end of Logopolis
6:  The Doctor Who Radio Times 20th Anniversary Special
7:  BBC TV News
8:  The Guardian
9:  BBC News
10:  Watching Casanova or as it turned out a midnight press release which acted more as a confirmation than anything.
11:  That random Doctor Who Confidential
12:  The live show.

Oh and for completion sake:

Shalka:  The Doctor Who Official Website

WAR:  The Name of the Doctor (although set photos indicated her was going to be playing someone)

Who's next?  Tonight the betting patterns which gave away Capaldi have started gather again around Jodie Whittaker which given the Broadchurch connection doesn't feel like utter bullshit and a could be a very good thing indeed if you're ticking boxes.  Long career, range of work, bloody good actor.  We'd be lucky to have her.  We'll see.

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