From the Archive.

TV In case you missed it, the BBC iPlayer launched a new category yesterday, "From the Archive", which gathers together in one place the various BBC Four collections and whatnot which are already on there but otherwise hidden in the various other genres. From the BBC Press Office:
"From the Archive will include a wide range of programmes from 1946 to present day. It will feature footage which hasn't been shown since first broadcast, including collections such as the Great War Interviews, a series of interviews with World War One veterans and civilians filmed in the 1960s. Until now, many of these programmes were only available to watch on the BBC’s website. Today’s launch brings them to viewers on computers, the BBC iPlayer mobile and tablet apps and on connected TVs."
At the moment, the smart TV iPlayer (Roku etc) just highlights six programmes and a few of the collections but hopefully more will follow including the A-Z section which is already on the website and tablet apps.

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