Christmas Links #1

We Need to Move Christmas:
"The worst thing about Christmas is that it makes winter longer, and unbearably so. Thanksgiving ends and suddenly it’s supposed to be Christmas, even though there are still orange leaves here and there, which some people—I would venture to say a lot of people—like. Fall is tolerable enough that we don’t need to run out the clock on it, and yet we do, by sticking Christmas right after Thanksgiving, when as a group, we are tired to our bones, but not of the right things, and unable to admit it. We’re tired of our families, of hearty foods, of holidays themselves. You know you’ve got a problem on your hands when you’re literally tired of love. Why not give ourselves a break and move Christmas to the end of January?"

Southaven High choir serenades Peabody with Christmas carols:
"Mid-South students are bringing the holiday cheer to the Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis."

The Great Christmas Tree Shortage:

"If you end up in a frantic scramble to find a Christmas tree in the coming weeks, or you suffer sticker shock at tree prices this year, you can probably blame China—or more specifically, the popularity of Nutella in China."

Police ruin Christmas spirit by pulling over car carrying a massive tree:
"You know, maybe everyone's favorite felonious scam artist evangelist Jim Bakker was right when he said the goberment wants to outlaw Merry Christmas."

Official Christmas Number 1 2017: The contenders:
The race for the biggest chart battle of the year is underway - here's who is in line to claim this year's Christmas Number 1.

Rise in number of dogs abandoned in Christmas run-up:
"Charities in the UK and Ireland are seeing an increase in dogs being dumped or sent to rescue centres. The RSPCA has rescued 120 in two weeks."

A Woman Needed Help Finding A Special Toy Truck For Her Brother With Disabilities And Internet Came Through:
"Cassie Gretschel's little brother, Max, loves a specific, discontinued Tonka toy truck that his family has been getting him for Christmas for the past 17 years. But they've been getting harder and harder to find, so she asked the internet for help and cue the feels."

This Looks Terrible! Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa:
"As a pop culture writer, I live for the thrill of discovery. I live to discover art, but more often, and more importantly, trash. But not just any trash. No, I live for transcendent trash. I live for garbage that gets under your skin and infects your soul. I live for the kind of exquisitely unself-conscious trash that needs to be shared with the world, if only so that readers can share my pain and confusion. "

Have a happy homeopathic Christmas with Gwyneth Paltrow:
"Season’s greetings! Goop’s annual gift guide is out and, with $250 Christian Louboutin baby shoes and a trip to something called the ‘The Integratron’, there’s something for everyone."

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