Doctor Who renewed for another five years.

TV ... if this press release published in Toy World Magazine and copied by the Merchandising site is a guide:
"The regeneration of the Doctor in the 2017 Christmas episode, as well as last year’s revelations about the new series, engaged with fans across the globe, as it was unveiled that Jodie Whittaker will play the first female Doctor in the show’s history. 2018 marks a true regeneration for the franchise, with a five year evergreen strategy built around a commitment to a solid content pipeline, delivered through platforms relevant to the BBC’s audiences."
Of course this isn't technically news. When the BBC made a deal in China last May, the company in question was given a first look at series 12-15 which implied the longevity. But this confirms the commitment.

The other nugget. Eleven or more new hours of content for 2018. So that's at least the 10 regular episodes announced (including ads presumably). Does that mean there will be a Christmas special next year? [via]

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