The 231163 Diaries:
Colin Churcher.

Transport Colin Churcher has worked in and around the railways in the UK and Canada. He still keeps a diary in the form of a blog which can be seen here.

Everything he's ever written seems to be available on this website.

In 1963 Churcher was working as a Management Trainee on British Railways.

Saturday 23 November

I came home from Reading to Orpington by a novel route this morning. I caught the 09.45 steam train to Redhill. We left Guildford three minutes late at 10.54 and were three minutes late into Redhill at 11.49. We were hauled by a Southern 2-6-0 (I didn't get the number). The engine seemed to cope with the two coaches quite well but I think the service could be speeded up. The train was old Southern straight-sided coaching stock, one compartment and one saloon. At Redhill, the train reverses and forms the 12.11 to Tonbridge. We had another 2-6-0, a U class. I changed to the saloon coach which was extremely comfortable. What a difference. Before Redhill, the train was almost empty and very slow. After Redhill, it was packed with people standing and the service was much faster. The 2-6-0 really had to work hard to maintain the schedule. The driver was using a long cut-off and then notched her right up without any intermediate stages. This section of line is much flatter and we reached quite high speeds. At Tonbridge I caught the 13.14 electric train to Orpington which arrived at 13.35 - extremely good service. The weather was quite bright and I enjoyed the trip through the Surrey and Kent countryside.

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