Red Dress in a Solo Class.

Life Once again in Asda last week picking up the medicine for my overactive bladder (my water sample was clear so it's not an infection), I had my ear pointed towards the ceiling attempting to work out if its the Mutya or Amelle version of Red Dress playing on the supermarket radio station. Every occasion I have a different answer never quite able to pin it down. Mutya's vocal is clearly superior but Amelle's not really being herself on that track - she's attempting to recreate the vocal and fit in with what's already been recorded so the whole thing doesn't go completely off the rails. The fact that I can't tell the difference probably says a lot about the success of the enterprise.

Item!  Oddly pleased to see that Class is being revived by Big Finish.  The show had potential, it's the writing which went off the rails as the show continued.  Plus it was a concept designed for the longer US style season but trying to squeeze itself into eighth episodes so didn't have the time to establish its characters or their relationships properly.  There hasn't been announcement on the Big Finish website but Nick Briggs has been retweeting tweets referencing it and there's this:

Really great list of writers, especially Jenny Colgan, though it's notable Patrick Ness isn't mentioned in the article. One slight element of concern is that for all the injection of proper Who, this is set "during the televised run" which suggests it won't deal with the cliffhanger so it's not really a second series, but more of the first series. Huh.

Item!  For some reason I'm in no rush to see Solo which seems to have been the audience's approach in general with the disappointing box office (which as ever would be gangbusters anyway for most releases, but Star Wars is Star Wars).  It's really difficult see why you would want to learn about the early life of a character when you know their future is filled with such tragedy and horror and you're going to spend the whole film mentally compensating for them being played by a different actor.  NuTrek made recasting the leads part of the story's DNA, whereas Solo is saddled with having to be a direct prequel.  But I will go, eventually, probably next week.  Along with Deadpool 2 finally.  Hopefully.

Item!  Last Wednesday brought my increase to 100mg of anxiety medicine and I don't feel much different although given that one of the side effects can be short term memory loss, perhaps I just haven't remember what it was like before the transition.  Actually, my heart doesn't feel like its beating as rapidly as before and I haven't been nodding off in front of the television as much as before so I suppose that's good.  Plus I'm able to sit and write this so that has to be step in the right direction even if my creativity in general is at an all time low.  Speak soon.

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