Bookmarks Clearing House #1

Life After an import catastrophe, my Chrome browser's now filled with bookmarks to lots of old things which have collected in my Google profile over the years. Since I don't really want to keep them clogging things up, I'm going to link to the more useful, interesting websites here. You might like them too.

YouTube TV.
What's sometimes called the "leanback" version, this is the page your TV or streamer box accesses when you hit the YouTube app. I found it when I had an old Sony Google TV box which was the precursor to Roku or Kindle Fire and whose web browser reacted to the user agent for a "TV" version of a website rather like mobile websites.

How to Turn YouTube Channels into Subscribable Podcasts:
Or more importantly a work around for those of us who YouTube having RSS feeds.

Train Times
A simply, slightly technique but ultimately very clear mash-up of National Rail's time table information. Includes live tube map.

Media History Digital Library
"A free online resource, featuring millions of pages of books and magazines from the histories of film, broadcasting, and recorded sound."

Searches for typos on eBay based on the search terms you give it, in case there's anything which is being ignored because the person listing wasn't watching what they were doing. Example.

Like A Rolling Stone.
Interactive pop video which is just as hysterical now as when it was first uploaded.

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