Christmas Links #15

Top-secret Christmas card sent to Bletchley Park codebreakers rediscovered:
"Festive wish from family of MI6 boss in 1938 ‘sent with wink’ to those in the know."

Marmite sprouts? Why retailers are pushing the boundaries with festive food:
"Many readers will find the thought of Christmas tree-flavoured crisps revolting, but Iceland is betting its customers will feel the opposite this festive season."

‘Banana bacon trifle was a stretch too far’: supermarket chefs on their Christmas creations:
"Will a giant pig-in-blanket or a meringue wreath be the hit this year? Inside the development kitchens at top supermarkets."

In Turkey We Trust:
"A turkey dinner is not just a turkey dinner."

For professional Christmas carolers, 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' presents an ethical dilemma:
"When carolers from the Songful Artists perform at holiday parties, new outrage over an old standard means they know they're potentially strolling into a minefield."

Blue lights and awkward gyrating: are office Christmas parties worth the embarrassment?:
"... a case for skipping your work’s festive celebration this year."

All I want for Christmas is a lesbian meet-cute:
"Ever since I came out as gay at age 24, I learned that lesbian love stories are hard to come by."

Christmas at TFE: "While You Were Sleeping"
"One part of the tradition of revisiting Christmas classics this time of year is debating whether or not a film technically qualifies as a “Christmas movie”. These perceptions sometimes sway with the tides. Lately, the bros have won and conventional wisdom will tell you that Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie. Eyes Wide Shut? Welcome, but with reservations."

My Painful Quest to Find the Worst Christmas Movie Ever Made:
"From 'Homeless for the Holidays' to 'Christmas in Hollywood' to 'Ho Ho Nooooooo!!! It's Mr. Bill's Christmas Special!'"

Real vs. fake Christmas trees: Here's why some American's are shifting their buying habits:
"Christmas trees are the heart of many holiday festivities. But they're also at the heart of a debate that rages through the yuletide season: Is it better to have a real or a fake tree?"

A thief stole gifts meant for thousands of kids. Then this couple raised $45,000 to save Christmas:
"For the past two months, the community in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has been stockpiling toys, preparing to give local children in need the gift of Christmas."

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