Who are the Sugababes?

Music Amelle guest presented something called Access All Areas on Fubar Radio and the Sugababes inevitably became part of the discussion. There is some new information:

(1) Things were fractious when Keisha left and it sounds as though there's still an undercurrent of something. They met eighteen months ago and had a nice conversation about the old times, and apologies were swapped, but they're still not friends. Lord knows what happened here then. But she is still mates with Heidi.

(2) "She doesn't have the name." "Who doesn't have the name?" "Keisha. She doesn't have the name. We have it still."

(3) The final three members are apparently in discussion for a European tour, where they still have a following. This year or next year.

(4) "There are so many different scenarios. Like after a tour we then maybe do a tv show to pick a new group of Sugababes."

Fucks sake, this is ridiculous.

Anyway, Amelle doesn't seem too keen on much of it. But she did joke about having all six of them together on stage which as you know I've been clamoring for, working through the various iterations.

The podcast ends on About You Now, which is apparently Amelle's favourite, so here's a recording of three people on a stage singing the same song in completely different realities at the same time:

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