On the new Spider-Man trailer.

Film Tom Holland is right. The new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is full of spoilers for Endgame as is this short commentary. Here's another video to give you a chance look up. Just in case.

You probably shouldn't watch that either.

Anyway, alternate realities. In the new MCU trailer, Nick Fury suggests that the Mysterio embodied by Jake Gyllenhaal isn't from the MCU Prime universe but some alternate reality, brought through a crack (or whatever) created when during the whole Thanos business.

Immediately this has been seized upon as being utter pig cleanser due to this being Mysterio, who's whole being is about misdirection and subterfuge and that it's all part of some plan or other. They might even argue that the Elementals are also in on the gag, assuming they even exist or an illusion.

Here's my counter argument.

This is Nick Fucking Fury.  Nick Fucking Fury does not simply work from information supplied by someone who says they're an interdimensional traveller.  For him to make that determination, he will have investigated it a bit more than that.

So what if this Mysterio is actually telling the truth?  What if he is indeed from another reality where he works benevolently, might even be the Iron Man of that universe?  That like certain other characters, MARVEL are not going for the obvious explanation?

Which means that this film is setting up the idea of this MCU being part of the multiverse, the very multiverse which Sony have just had great success with in animated form?  That the title "Far From Home" isn't just about Spidey taking a trip to Europe, but to a whole other universe?

Like, for example, the nascent Sony Spider-verse currently inhabited so far by Venom, thereby explaining the presence of the black suit in the trailer?  Could this be what Amy Pascal was talking about in this famous joint interview with Kevin Feige?

To take that further, could we have scenes in which Holland meets some of his counterparts in other realities?  He pitches up in animated form in the Miles Morales universe, or bumps into the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions in extraordinary cameos?

The latter was suggested for the Into The Spider-verse but was thought to be too much, which it would have been there, but could the other reason have been because the idea had already been snapped up by MARVEL/Sony for this adventure?

To take this to its obvious conclusion, MARVEL could also use this as an excuse to tie together all of the different version of their property there have been over the decades and even as a mechanism to justify having Deadpool interact with characters from the MCU?

Either that or Mysterio is being played true to form and MARVEL know that we know that they know that we know that they know.  Or something like that.

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