Annie & Camille.

Film I've just turned off the John Huston directed original version of Annie, a film I haven't otherwise seen all of the way through.

The last time I saw part of Annie was coming home from a school trip to the Isle of Man in the 80s where it was showing in the film room on the Sealink ferry.

It was a choppy day, I'd eaten a dodgy cold sausage roll from the pack lunch we'd been given and with the rocking of the boat I was sick all over everywhere.

Although I've seen the remake, I never did return to the original.

Until tonight.

It's pretty great especially the dance routines which were choreographed by Arlene Phillips which underscores the crime committed when she was replaced on Strictly, a job she was overqualified for anyway.

I reach the "Let's Go To The Movies" sequence, which is *fantastic*.

As they enter the cinema, the hoarding indicates that it's to see Camille starring Greta Garbo, which is another film I haven't seen.

One of my mini rules is that if I see a film advertised outside a cinema which I haven't seen in one film, it'll be the next next on my viewing schedule.

Coincidentally yesterday, I took a stroll up East Prescot Road Road then Liverpool Road to get some post-op exercise now all my bandages and plasters are off and I'm just waiting for my wound to heal and I bought a dvd of Camille in the charity shop next to a Lidl as part of a 4 for £1 deal (along with Fletch, Easter Parade and Vertical Limit).

So yes, great, I think, I'll be watching Camille tomorrow night, which I can do now thanks to yesterday's clairvoyant purchase.

Fate is weird sometimes.

Except, as those of you who've seen Annie will know, it doesn't just show the title card for Camille, it plays clips of the film.

As soon as they begin I find myself with a quandry.

This old film I'm watching is about to spoil an even older film which I also haven't seen.

Do I carry on revelling in Annie anyway, or stop watching now and watch the rest after Camille?

There wasn't really another choice.

Camille tomorrow night and the rest of Annie afterwards.

So now instead I'm writing about not seeing Annie through to the end for a second time while listening to the new Taylor Swift album again.

Has this ever happened to you?

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