Politics As you probably know, one the few podcasts I listen to all year round is the FiveThirtyEight politics podcast, in which Nate Silver and the gang chat about the bigger US politics stories of the week from a polling angle.

 At the moment they're heavily in the Democratic primary thickets but every now and then they stick their head out from under to see what's happening elsewhere on the globe, which include frequent glances towards the UK.

In this week's Thursday edition (embedded above), presenter Galen Druke, sans the rest of the team, interviews political scientists Helen Thompson and David Runciman about the Brexit news of the week, the prorogation of parliament and what opposition politicians and the rest of us can do about it.

Some of this stuff will seem remedial, especially for Brexitcast listeners, but it's nevertheless useful to hear a couple of experts work through the implications point by point, and hear Druke's reaction to just how ludicrous this all seems even from someone who's own country is in crisis.

There are a couple of clangers, Thompson has a pretty naive expectation of what the current PM wants from Brexit suggesting that he still wants a deal if possible when every indication is that's a fantasy, but overall its an excellent primer on the weeks and months ahead.

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