Salva Mea (Short Trips: Snapshots)

Prose This is sweet. The theme of this Big Finish anthology is how the Doctor impacts the lives of those he meets, either through memory, letters or actually photography. In Joseph Lidster's entry, office drone Luke Tillyard's long wait for a train at Kings Cross to attend his Granddad's funeral is interrupted by Charley, who says that C'rizz has gone mad and is chasing her through the station and could he help her?  Initially reluctant he's eventually plunged into a life or death struggle with the Eutermesan in a massive battle across the concourse of the station which begs for the titular Faithless track to be played in the background.  Published and set in 2007 it's filled with incredible period details, especially about the Live Earth concert which happened a month after this anthology hit the shops (and so this is a story which was ever so briefly set in the future).  The pay off to the tale is beautifully emotional and I just wish we'd seen the crew in this light a bit more in those days.  Placement: Just before Absolution.  The calm before the storm.

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