Osskah (Short Trips: Snapshots).

Prose Reminiscent of the parliament of birds sequence from The Scarlett Empress, Gary Owen's story describes an encounter between the Time Lord and an avian creature in which they share each other's stories. Told from the bird's point of view, the language is frequently metaphoric, the Doctor described as "specific healer" with the sonic and TARDIS gifted with a whole thesaurus full of synonyms.  The umbrella theme of the anthology was to offer these "snapshots" of what happens when the Doctor enters people's lives and this is very effective in offering a very alien perspective.  Placement: It's unusual in that it implies Eighth has been knocked off course during a mission for the Time Lords who're currently fighting a "storm in heaven" which implies the author is imagining what this incarnation is up to during the Time War.  So just to be on the safe side, even though this was published in 2007 long before Night of the Doctor, I'm putting it in the mix there anyway.

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