Predictions 2020.

That Day We reach the time when I assess how well I predicted the ups and downs of the year and look forward to the next. Here we go again:

The Sugababes releases a whole new album.

Fuck no. Siobhan has disappeared, Kiesha has a YouTube channel and Mutya has gone full Qanon. No marks..

A commercial technology is developed to algorithmically convert standard definition material to high definition quality.

Gigapixel AI exists but I suppose I was really looking for commercial releases which use this technology rather than just standard upscaling. No marks.

The Doctor Who Omnirumour turns out to be true, almost all episodes returned.

No, and in fact they've now animated Web 3 and Morris have full gammon.

Piers Morgan sacked.

Not yet. No marks.

The Arden Shakespeare Series Three publishes Arden of Faversham.

No and the publication of Arden Shakespeare Third Series Complete Works indicates this isn't happening. There's always the Fourth series. See you in twenty years. No marks.

0/5 which is seems fitting for 2020. Right then, 2021.

Our family gets the vaccine.

We stay safe until we get the vaccine.

We go shopping in the city centre.

I visit London.

I lose my lockdown weight.

In previous years, they would have seemed like extremely low bars. In 2021, they will feel like major achievements.

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