The Enemy Of My Enemy (Time Lord Victorious).

Audio This middle episode of the trilogy replays a key moment from the Doctor's past. "Have I that right?" Unlike the Fourth Doctor, Eighth is travelling alone and its not a spoiler to say he doesn't go through with it even without a Sarah Jane figure with him counterintuitively egging him on. But he's in the middle of the Time War and has the opportunity to blink the mortal enemy of his race out of existence and decides not to as though his moral code wouldn't allow it even though there have been numerous occasions before and since when he's not just contemplated it but carried through on the threat (cf, Revolution of the Daleks).  On this occasion its also while in the process of defending an equally genocidal race.  Tracy Ann Baines's script seems to be foreshadowing the Tenth Doctor's future behavior, in fact, demonstrating that as with everything else in his timeline, the Doctor has an inconsistent moral code which changes depending on his incarnation and how he's feeling on the day.

Placement: Before The Knight, The Fool and the Dead.  Again.

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