The Eighth Doctor (Whotopia: The Ultimate Guide To The Whoniverse)

Books  The cornerstone of BBC Books's 60th anniversary efforts, Whotopia is part of the legacy of Doctor Who reference books taking the effort right up to The Power of the Doctor, on this occasion resolutely sticking to the fiction rather than production.  Perhaps sensing that having a printed book containing this information is a bit old fashioned when WOTAN's successor is out there (not to mention every episode on the iPlayer), the authors, Jonathan Morris, Simon Guerrier and Una McCormack's twist is to have many of the mentioned individuals provide first person testimony for themselves in character, "incoming messages" mixing new material and dialogue straight from the show.  

As with so many of these projects its obviously an act of love and joy for this silly old series and that's reflected in the quarter page entry for Eighth, half a page if you include the publicity shot for Night of the Doctor.  This being an official publication, it's only allowed to reference the top and tail of his story so we find him wistfully reflecting on his regeneration and how alive he feels, not that there isn't an Easter egg for us long terms fans, "I think that's what's different about me.  The joy of life" (unless it's entirely co-incidental).  The business ends rather sharply but sweetly and feels entirely in character, which is why I'm "reviewing" it here and trying to think of a ...

Placement: Let's sneak it in after The Eight Doctors.  Perhaps he's chatting with Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam.

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