Liverpool life Around the park where I live, there is quite a famous street, Lark Lane. A known haunt of 'The Beatles' (isn't everywhere in Liverpool), 'The Lane' is like a small bohemian village where the young professionals, students and artists of the city congregate. It's exactly how I imagine the village in New York to be. There is a green grocers on the street which let's people put flyers in the window. It struck me as I passed by earlier, that almost all of them presently are for lost cats. Each follows the same format. Piece of paper - in the middle a photo of the cat they could part with - and around the cat's name and a phone number. Almost like the unsolved case board in a homicide department they hang there fading in the sun. Some have been there for years, their owners presumably still holding out hope for their return. Looking from picture to picture, only one question can I think of - where have they all gone?

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