Smirk Dave Gorman is doing a reading at 'Waterstones' in Manchester for his new book 'Are You Dave Gorman?'. You know the Dave Gorman who is looking for other Dave Gormans - the inspiration for this. Well, couldn't not. So I trapsed down to the book shop during my lunch hour. After being sent to two different desks looking for tickets I eventually found the right till (the Travel section of course) and stood for five minutes whilst the clerk tried to work out how to sell me a ticket. Then he asked me if he could take my details.
'Firstly your name.'
'Dave Gorman.' I said.
He actually starts the first bit of the D before he looks up and gives me the eye. I gave him my real name, giggling. I don't know what came over me. Boredom I think. I now have vision of a real Dave Gorman trying to buy a ticket and being kicked out of the shop for taking the piss.

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