Blog! The most difficult thing over the past few days was discovering how little grasp some people have of international affairs -- how everything has been reduced to 'good guys' and 'bad guys', when in fact the only true evil within this crisis is well, evil. On Thursday /mental.masturbation captured the mood perfectly: "What I fear is not who did this, but who my friends are becoming. What I fear is not death, but cold and senseless revenge. It tears at my heart that it turned so quickly. It turned from, "Are you safe? I want you all to know that I love you." to, "Who the fuck can we bomb?" Knee jerk reactions are to be expected, but how long do they last? When are these intelligent people going to realise that they are screaming for more blood. More death. More destruction. When will they realise that killing more innocents won't bring anyone back from the dead?" Her post from Tuesday describes the day most of us had. This was a moment that unified our lives.

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