Dreams I remembered my dream for the first time in a long while the other night. I had gone to the old cinema which features in many of my dreams, a cinema which doesn't exist. I'd gone to see a French film which as far as can gather doesn't exist. I was the only one there (which is unusual, as the place is usually filled with everyone I've ever met). At the end I visited the box office to buy a ticket for the next showing to find the actress Laura Fraser working behind the counter (recent star of 'A Knights Tale', biggest film to date 'Virtual Sexuality'). She was leaving and I followed. We walked across a derelict urban wasteland. I asked her what she doing working in a box office and she told me it was because whilst she enjoyed acting she still wanted to have a normal life. I smiled. And as we walked we began to hold hands. She invited me to her house -- a giant shared accomodation in the middle of a large city which appeared from nowhere. I stood on the step and told her I had to go. We kissed, but she pulled away, because I didn't know how to kiss her -- and she disappeared into the house without another word -- I followed her in and the scene merged into a road and I was suddenly on the back of bicycle being pedalled along by the Python Eric Idle (now not then) dodging cars at an endless series of crossroads -- and then I woke ... what the hell does all that mean?

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