Commerce Buying the Sunday newspapers was a trial this morning. There is a particluer shop nearby which I would never buy my papers from becuause instead of putting all the sections together, they would leave them on the floor for people to put together themselves. Recently (presumably because the distributor got wind of this) they began selling papers in the same way as everyone else. Today it was slightly more convenient to go there than anywhere else, so I gritted my teeth -- after all my previous boycott was for a petty reason, I suppose. Picked up my Observer, forked over my £1.20 (it's gone up again) and as I'm handed my change I look up to a shelf nearby. There sits a money box, one of those crude ones in the shape of troll. There is a card on it (I'm paraphrasing): "Please give generously to the anthrax fund, signed Osama Bin Laden."
I gaped. My mouth went dry.
I wasn't sure if I should say something. I looked at the queue up the shop .... and left.
Doesn't seem like I have such a petty reason not to shop there any more ...

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