Film A late night tv show about 'failed' pilot show hosted by Phil Jupitus (it was, oh the irony, itself a failed pilot) took great pleasure in lampooning 'Lost Souls', in which two ramblers were flown into the middle of nowhere and challenged to return to civilisation. From the clips shown, it amounted to the two gentlemen strolling around in fields commenting on the landscape: "Oh look over there is a low wall ... careful of that ditch ... I kicked the map into the stream" (oh sorry, wrong film). If this had gone to series it's certain we would all have been chatting nostalgically about it now, with conversations that include the phrase; "Remember when they found that Roman coin." It's with some glee then, that I find that someone has made a Japanese film version, in pace at least. "Eureka" features the travels of three survivors of a bus crash in the Japanese wilderness as they try to find their way home. As The Guardian reports this sounds like a perfect night at the cinema: "Critics have joked that you could happily go out for a cigarette during the film and not miss much, but Aoyama's meticulous compositions and tender observations somehow stave off the boredom. The experience of watching Eureka is more like a trance." It'll be interesting to see something which is meant to be boring. As a coda, it should be pointed out that Channel 4 seem to have borrowed the idea for the afformentioned show for they own late night travelog 'Lost', except we have students and professionals being dropped in the middle of the desert and not Dartmoor.

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