Blog! I'm including this for having the wordiest title for a weblog I think any of us has seen. It's full title is Obeying the Inscrutible Exhortations of my Soul. Also with added blog definition: "This is my homepage, where I aim to amuse myself and, potentially, others. You'll find that I use this space to discuss topics of interest to me (and, potentially, others), share bits of information and hilarity, and experiment with various concepts, ideas, and languages. Generally, I am here to waste more time than I can afford. I'm absolutely delighted that you've chosen to waste time with me." We are too ...

I too have taken the Temptation Island quiz and apparently "You came, you saw, you danced! You are in fact human, and being human is being fallible. You like taking risks but you also think about how those risks effect those around you. As far as that long term relationship? You definitely have it in you, but it's not time to settle just yet. With a solid head on your soldiers, you're going places!" What? Like Siberia?

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