Commemoration The British Heritage Blue Plaque Scheme comes under fire from The Spectator for an apparent lack of good taste. Regular readers will have noticed I've been highlighting this magazine's bizarre crusades but this one is actually quite fun -- at least worth having a shout about. The main argument on show here is that that British Heritage are a bunch of mindless jerks because they can't see that his favourite author V.S. Pritchett deserves a plaque more than Lokamanya Tilak, the Indian Philosopher.

Apart from the fact that Pritchett would fit snuggly onto the article writer's own Who? list aren't the B.H. right not be handing these things out like candy? The darker undercurrent of the article also seems to be that we should be honouring the British before anyone else ("All I can say is that if English Heritage refuses to acknowledge properly the great men of England and London, we might as well start sticking up our own plaques.") Isn't this a bit of a singular view? Anyway, read the article. It's worth it just to see his use of the word 'fastidiousness'.

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