Music Bellefire. Found another one. What is it with girl groups not being able to worm their way into upper end of the pop charts? The list is getting longer... The Triplets, Sugababes, Hepburn, Thunderbugs, Cleopatra, Bardot, The Alice Band, Girlthing. For some reason, with the exception of The Spice Girls and All Saints, girl groups have completely failed to enter the hearts of teenagers. It's not exactly clear why. Many have the same producers as single artists and boybands yet they always fail to get airplay (leading to abject failure), or get airplay but fail to make the top ten. This makes no sense to me. And now we have bellefire, four girls who you would have thought might create a few teenage crushes (and twenty something ones) and ... nothing. Which is a shame because 'Perfect Bliss' is a better track than most. Fingers crossed on that next single, girls.


What is your meaning of life?

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