Film First time I've actually been writing something somewhere were I can bore people with my opinion of the Oscar nominations. So here we are. It's odd seeing 'Moulin Rouge' with a Best Picture nod, but of course I'll plum for the Rings. It's a massive technical achieve, bore than that it's a genre picture with substance and it isn't often we see that in this category (previously robbed films include 'The Matrix' and 'Fight Club'). I haven't seen any of the films in the Best Actor category yet but I'd like to Tom Wilkinson up on stage, closely followed by the obvious Best Actress Judi Dench (everyone else seems far too young). In the other acting categories the Supporting Actor ought to be Sir Ian McKellen (the rings only acting nod) who managed to turn a wizard into a believable character without hamming it up; the Supporting Actress should be well any of them (although with three British actresses there, it's bound to go to an American). As to the rest:
Best Animated Film: Where is 'Waking Life'?
Art Direction: Amelie
Cinematography: The Man Who Wasn't There
Costume design: The Rings
Directing: The Rings
Film editing: Momento (surely)
Foreign language film: Amelie
Makeup: The Rings
Music (score): The Rings
Music (song): Vanilla Sky (its only nomination -- shame)
Sound: The Rings
Sound editing: Monster Inc (because it isn't Pearl Harbor)
Visual effects: The Rings
Writing (adapted screenplay): The Rings or Ghost World (again its only nomination)
Writing (original screenplay): Momento (surely).
Anyway, we'll see how all that pans out in March. I am slightly concerned about how all of this attention will effect the editing of the other two film in the Rings Trilogy...if it wins Best Picture, will the pressure to perform be too much?

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