TV As an update to Off The Telly's remarkable history of British Breakfast Televsion, Media Guardian uncovers the replacement for Channel 4's increasingly desperate 'The Big Breakfast' (which seems to be continuing seemingly unaware of its up and coming demise -- on present form I wouldn't be surprise if at the end of their tenure they trail the following week's star guests and continue to produce the show even though it isn't being broadcast).

I don't envy the task of Princess Productions. They have to produce a show which is significantly different to 'The BB' to be worthwhile, but also retain the same core audience, as well as being different to BBC Breakfast and GMTV. A segmented approach might work. I think I would prefer it if I could sit down for a ten minute segment and know what I'm going to get:
7:00 News
7:10 Sport
7:20 News Interviews
7:30 Entertainment News
7:40 Entertainment Interviews
7:50 Mini-gameshow
8:00 around we go again.
Commercial breaks between the segments. Hang on -- sorry -- that's Channel 4 Daily. Well why not? The only reason it failed last time was because so many different production companies were involved. With one company at the centre there really isn't a reason it couldn't work this time. I was never really the same when that attractive woman in a bathrobe stopped pulling that curtain aside to reveal the sunrise every morning...

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