Games One of the funniest things which ever happened to me was being invited at a very tender age was to visit the Ludlow offices of Zzap! 64 magazine. Zzap! was the games magazine which covered Commodore 64 gaming and ran for about a hundred issues. I was expecting a palacial palace, an open plan office heaven in which ideas free-flowed. In the event I found somewhere which looked like a converted bedsit with little room for anything. But I met the reviewers, asked some awkward questions and 'borrowed' some review copies of games.

The magazine ran for another two years before it became clear the C64 was defunct machine.

So I'm extremely pleased to see a small network of websites has sprung up dedicated to that magazine and its contemporaries. For example, former editor, Gordon Houghton is keeping the dream alive with a brand new issue of the magazine in which group of his mates get together to recreate some of the magic. Zzap! 64 issue 107 is wonderfully authentic and actually features new news, like the fact Jeff Minter is back. Elsewhere, we have The Def Guide to Zzap! 64 which features some scanned back issues and Zzap! Back which addresses the history of the magazine just prior to my visit. [Google]

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