Sunday I’m not a good drinker. Of the myriad beverages available I’m limited to a few bottle beer. Actually just ‘Rolling Rock’ or ‘Budweiser’. In isolation. I can’t even mix the two. Which is unfortunately what I’d done the night before. This was no ordinary hang over. This was a horror movie – it involved a scary monster, gothic castles and villages with torches.

I wanted to stay in bed. My family wanted me to go shopping. Tesco superstores aren’t the easiest places to navigate when every sound hurts your ears and you can’t process the simplest of conversations. I manage to pick out my junk food for the week.

I go back to bed as soon as I get home, too quickly for comfort. I forgo the tradition Sunday morning bacon butties. This was serious. So serious I sat through both audi commentaries on my new Region One Dogma: Special Edition DVD.

My head almost clears by 5:30 in time for dinner, breaded chicken KFC style. I spend the evening writing this weblog. I’m not really in the mood, but I haven’t updated for a few days and I feel obligated to the few readers who joined when it was linked from Metafilter.

It takes longer to find this week’s logo, or something which might work. There isn’t anything topical happening this week, but I notice my Edward Hopper postcard collage on the wall and this seems to fit.

‘24’ is particularly tense, and may have a claim to being the best action series of the past decade. For once the audience is treated with respect and intelligence. ‘The X-Files’ continues to be a mess. It should have ended when Duchovny left, yet it still splutters onward. Robert Patrick is fine actor, but his character doesn’t fit here. Tonight’s episode about ESP murders feels more like an episode of ‘The Outer Limits’.

Check my email. My ‘Blogger Insider’ partner still hasn’t bounced back her questions and answers. This is the second time this has happened. A week to go.

Bed time.

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