Photography Visitors to ZoneZero have decided that film has some life left in it, and I find it hard to disagree, despite Pedro Meyer's predictions:

"This last year digital cameras have outsold for the first time ever, film-based cameras. The turf for film based cameras that used to be still photography, has now also been invaded by digital video cameras, which double up as still cameras while allowing us to make video as well."

This supposes two things. Firstly that people have happily abandoned the trip to the developing shop as a waste of time and money and don't like the idea of a photo album any more; and secondly that we've all got the technology to cope with a the newer ranges of digital cameras and store the images at a high enough resolution for reproduction in some other format. In the media perhaps, but domestically I'm not so sure. Is the statistic being inflated by the number of digi-cams given away free with computers, many of which sit in their boxes unused after the initial novelty?

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