TV Off The Telly has had a re-design. It's clearer and feels more accessable -- in the old site the writing felt hidden away, now everthing is grouped together logically and links are explained giving more of a magazine feel. The new issue can even be downloaded in Abode format for reading off-line.

Particularlty good this issue, is a return to TV Hell, the original BBC2 theme night, to confirm everything learned then and examine how things have changed. Not much to be honest:

"In other examples, Sharron Davies must rank as the very worst of the many useless Big Breakfast presenters - her role on the programme effectively consisting of sitting in a chair and reading out a list of what was coming up later. Meanwhile it may be surprising to suggest that Richard Littlejohn was ever "much-missed", but when fronting Channel 4's Wanted (1996-97) he was, by all accounts, a good host of this often confusing format. His replacement was former MTV presenter Ray Cokes - once ubiquitous in "next big thing" lists - who proved to be an almost unmitigated disaster, managing to be both out of his depth and hugely smug."

Digital television is littered with these horrific flubs -- Boy George is apparently perfect as a celebrity interviewer seemingly because he wears a strange hat and who else are you going to get to present a panel game about students but the exc-eed-ingly prec-ise enun-ciator Richard Bacon? And don't even get me started with E4...

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